Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals, Teams and Companies.

Your personal mentor and coach:
  • to share his experiences and knowledge to help you in solving your specific business cases;
  • to navigate and support you in defining your personal objectives and strategy;
  • to provide feedback in order to keep you in line with your strategy and on track to your target;
  • to boost your efficiency and productivity encouraging and keeping you up on your path of self-developing your skills and gaining new professional knowledge and experience.

For Whom?

Entrepreneurs and business owners
Directors, heads, top-managers
Professionals in Marketing, Product Management, Brand Management, Sales and other related areas

In Which Areas Can I Get Coaching and Mentoring?

Our executive mentoring and coaching aimed to help you to improve your effectiveness in the field of:
Personal development
  • Opportunities identification
  • Individual performance improvement
  • Personal skills and behaviors perfectioning
  • Goals setting and action plans designation
  • Support and encouragement
Professional development
  • Marketing
    • International Business Development
    • Sales Development
    • Product Launch
    • Negotiations
  • Management
    • People Management
    • Product Management
    • Organizational Changes Management

Why Do I Need Executive Coaching or Mentoring?

By discussing your business cases with an experienced coach or mentor, you can:
  • manage your business more efficiently,
  • achieve higher results,
  • and minimize possible losses.

Advantages of Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Rapid problem solving
Constant feedback
Helps to achieve better results
Safeguard against procrastination
Concentration on selected objectives
Prevention of shifting focus on minor details

Who Is Your Coach?

Artem Albul
Artem Albul, Director of TWA Consulting
  • Over 18 years of experience in marketing and sales
  • Outstanding results achieved with more than 13 different products and services in 8 industries
  • International business development experience in India, China and over 20 EEMEA countries
  • Successfully managed sales of products of more than 30 world's leading brands
  • 9+ years of people management
  • 4+ years of remote international multicultural team management (25+ product managers and marketing managers)
  • BA in Marketing, MBA and NIMA B.

Vast Majority of Fortune 1000 Companies Use Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

What about your company? Send us a confidential request for executive coaching or mentoring.


Fixed hourly rate is based on the level of executive being coached:
1 level below CEO
2 levels below CEO

What's Next?

If you would like to order our executive coaching or mentoring, please fill in our contact form. Specify in what particular business problem solving you are interested.
After preliminary discussion by e-mail we will sign a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Service Agreement. After payment, you will have a video conference (or personal meeting) with our expert coach. During the video sessions (meetings) you will be able to explain your business situation in details and get executive coaching service from our expert according to your specific inputs and details.