Artem Albul

Director of TWA Consulting

For over 18 years Artem has been working for various companies that are recognized leaders in their fields. During this time he has accumulated vast experience, studied and applied the best world practices for the successful management of sales and marketing at the national and international level, and gained a unique experience in business development, marketing and sales management, product launch, distribution management, product and brand management, purchase and inventory management, top level negotiations, and other related areas.

Artem expanded his professional horizon, achieving success in various industries, namely: telecom services, IT hardware, consumer electronics, household appliances, e-tail, online advertising and metallurgy.

Artem successfully developed sales of such products and services: smartphones and mobile phones, e-ink readers, PC tablets, digital cameras, memory cards, mp3 / mp4 players, video cards, network hardware, broadband internet, digital TV, rolled steel and others.

Brands List

During his professional career Artem successfully developed sales and marketing of outstanding products and services under such prominent brands:

Countries List

Artem has international business development experience in such countries:

China, India, The United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and others.

Expertise Highlights

Over 18 years of experience
International business development experience in India, China and over 20 EEMEA countries
Successfully managed sales of products of more than 30 world's leading brands.

Outstanding results achieved with more than 13 different products and services in 8 industries


BA in Marketing

Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE)

“NIMA B”, Marketing

Netherlands Institute of Marketing


Moscow Business School

Artem Albul
For years of my practice I noticed that vast majority of companies have a lot of opportunities to increase their sales, profits, ROI, but unfortunately do not use these opportunities.

The reason for this is a natural lack of experience in relevant areas (management, marketing, finance, etc.). Those companies who actually realized the problem and would like to get the missing experience, could follow one of two ways:

The first is long. This is the path of their own trials and errors. It takes quite a long time to gain experience along the way.

The second is short. It is a way of attracting the experience of someone who has already passed a long way.

I would suggest the company chose the second path and took advantage of TWA Consulting experienced professionals. Depending on our client goals and objectives TWA Consulting can offer excellent solutions to share the best word's practices and top industry experience in the form of: individual or group consultations, trainings for key managers, executive coaching for top managers, product launch consultation, marketing and sales audit, organizational change management consulting, etc.