How to Solve a Negligent Employees Problem

How to solve a negligent employee problem


Let’s discuss a situation which comes up quite often: negligent employees impact work of their team members.


Now, let’s not guess how it happened that such a person successfully passed selection filters during the hiring process and a probation period. We all know that such people somehow appear in organizations.


Let’s think instead how we could deal with this issue.


There are no ideal people, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. That is why the ability to effectively organize work to achieve high results with regular people is one of the important skills of a competent manager. Therefore, a manager should know his subordinates’ strengths and weaknesses, and assign tasks accordingly, taking into account the workload of every team member.


But what happens when the manager is incompetent? He or she usually assigns advanced tasks with high workload to other team members, while negligent employees stay underloaded. This is a big mistake, which leads to:

  • decrease in the whole team performance,
  • demotivation of high performing team members,
  • and even may force top performers to leave the company.


Dealing with negligent employees

There are three possible options to deal with the situation:

  1. Train and develop the underperformer. This will require time, huge efforts and extra skills (coaching) from a manager. As well as investment from the company. Not to mention that the employee should be motivated to develop his/her performance and skills. And there is no guarantee of the positive result.
  2. Dismiss the underperformer. This may involve significant stress and sometimes also bureaucracy. A lot of managers are afraid or do not know how to dismiss negligent employees and therefore experience stress. 
  3. Ignore the problem. In my opinion, this way is chosen by the vast majority of incompetent managers. Because this is the easiest way: no effort, no investment, no skills needed. Thus, negligent employees accumulate in the organization, while an incompetent manager transfers their work to other subordinates. Moreover, quite often overloaded and underloaded employees have approximately the same level of salary.


“Negligent employees accumulate in the organization, while an incompetent manager transfers their work to other subordinates”


I believe that the option #3 is the worst solution for any company. It will damage the organization by decreasing company revenue after all.


I am sure that the best solution is the option #1. Because it should return the balance of the workload to the team, increase motivation and build trust to the company from all employees. Besides, investments in the development of employees are always paid off.


“Investments in the development of employees are always paid off”


In the unlucky event, when the option #1 hasn’t brought the desired result, a manager have to proceed to the option #2. Find out how to do this correctly and without stress by contacting TWA Consulting.