What Is Marketing and Sales Audit?

Marketing and sales audit is an examination of the current state of sales and marketing in the organization.

The examination is based on an analysis of the company’s:

  • Goals, metrics and KPIs,
  • Strategic, tactical and operational plans,
  • Organizational structure,
  • Business processes and communications,
  • Tools, methods and technics used,
  • Resources available and how they are used,
  • Marketing and sales activities, incentives, programs,
  • And others.

Following the analysis, company management will receive a detailed report with conclusions and a set of specific recommendations how to improve its current situation with sales and marketing.

Who Needs Marketing and Sales Audit?

Small & Middle Business
Large Companies and Multinational Corporations

When My Company Needs Marketing and Sales Audit?

Marketing and sales audit is not a crisis management. Although its purpose is to identify issues and provide recommendations. But the main idea is to pass regular check-up of the current state of your marketing and sales to align your sales and marketing efforts with your strategy and goals.

It’s similar to employee performance review — it’s carried out on a regular basis aiming to provide an employee with constructive feedback on his work and career movement. Think of the audit as a cardio check-up: when you have a heart attack already, it's too late to run a check-up. Check-up should be done regularly and constantly, even when you believe that everything is fine. It's the same with marketing and sales audit.

Advantages of Marketing and Sales Audit

Align your sales and marketing efforts with your strategy and goals
Detect marketing and sales opportunities
Increase sales
Enhance marketing efficiency
Positive influence on revenue

Business processes amelioration

How Marketing and Sales Audit Works?


Before the audit, we discuss and agree in details all the deliverables you would like to have at the end of the audit


TWA Consulting expert meets with your top management team


TWA Consulting expert has face-to-face interview1 with every team member of your sales and marketing teams

1 A survey can be run instead of a face-to-face interview. But in this case, the effectiveness of the audit is reduced, since respondents can formally approach a questionnaire provided.


Based on the collected answers our expert:
  • Examine your marketing and sales goals, strategies, plans, activities, incentives and programs;
  • Explore your sales and marketing teams metrics and KPIs;
  • Investigate your cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention and customer acquisition effectiveness;
  • Review your sales pipeline, sales forecast, sales planning;
  • Inspect your sales channels and distribution channels;
  • Research your sales and marketing business processes, communications, reports;
  • Study your business tools and resources;
  • Probe interaction within every team and between teams;
  • Check out your motivation and compensation scheme;
  • Examine your sales and marketing personnel development and training programs;
  • Diagnose skill gaps;
  • Explore your talent search process and onboarding of new people;
  • Prepare a detailed report and/or presentation with a description of the current situation, its analysis, as well as conclusions and recommendations.


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