7 Tips on How to Use Hashtags to Increase Reach Of Your Instagram Content

Probably one of the best free option to increase reach of your Instagram Post, Story or IGTV video is to appear in Instagram search results.

Instagram as a platform is very limited in search capability. And one of the best ways for your Instagram content to be found is to use hashtags.

Instagram search algorithms will show your Post, Story or IGTV video to people interested in such content. Algorithms will take into account your content performance as well.

Tip 1

How to put hashtags to your Instagram Story?

Option 1. Hashtag stickers. You can use only one hashtag per sticker, and only one hashtag sticker per Story.

Option 2. A text box. Just type your hashtags in the text box using # symbol. You can type as many hashtags as you want. But Instagram will index for search results only first 3 hashtags from your list.

Make sure your hashtags underlined. Otherwise, they will be not clickable.


Tip 2

Hashtags for your Instagram Story must be:

–         Very popular

–         Short (ideally one word)

For example, #marketing or #leadership

This is because Instagram Story only exists 24 hours from the moment of publication. Therefore, in such a short period of time you need to attract maximum attention to it.

Tip 3

Hashtags for your Instagram Post or IGTV video must be:

–         Clear

–         Simple

–         Easy to remember

–         Not too short and not too long. Optimal hashtag consists of 10-20 characters.

You may put as many hashtags in your Instagram Post as you wish within the limit of 2200 symbols for the caption. But only 30 hashtags will be indexed by Instagram to be displayed in search results. You are free to add that 30 hashtags whether in the caption section or in the first comment to your Post. Just make sure that your first comment posted shortly after the feed Post.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in the description of your IGTV video.

Tip 4

Do not hide your hashtags using small font size and color similar to picture colors. This trick does not work anymore on Instagram – such a content will not be shown in Instagram search results.

Tip 5

Use location tag with the smallest possible location (for example the building or cafe name). It will give a good chance for your Post, Story or IGTV video to appear in search results at larger number of locations (related to your location). In other words, your content will appear in search results for more locations, if you use the smallest possible location tag.


Tip 6

Use @mention tag to mention a brand, a person or a company in the content you’ve just created. So, mentioned account will receive a notification. If your content is relevant to that mentioned account, most probably they will share your content in their Story or Post, so, reach of your content will grow.


Tip 7

Putting hashtags does not guarantee that your content will appear in Instagram search. Appearance depends on Instagram algorithms, which works to show the most relevant content to each Instagram user. So, if you use hashtags, there is a chance your content appear in Instagram search results. If you do not use hashtags, there is no chance for your content to appear there.


Can you add more tips and tricks from your practice on how to use hashtags to increase reach of your Instagram content? Write them in the comment section below.