Organizational Change Management Consulting

Organizational change is a transformation of the current state of the organization (its internal structure and hierarchy, as well as internal procedures, rules and business processes) into a certain new state that corresponds to its strategic vision in the future.

Typically, such organizational change is designed to improve the current business processes and the structure of the organization in order to improve its performance indicators (sales volume, ROI, EBITDA, net profit, etc.), as well as product range extension, geographical coverage expansion and so on.

For Whom?

Start-ups, Small & middle business,
Large companies and multinational corporations
Owners, managing their business

When My Company Needs Organizational Change Management Consulting?

Usually, your company needs organizational change when:
There is a crisis:
  • Within the company itself. For example, due to the rapid growth of the company or due to the personnel performance reduction;
  • Outside of the company — on the market where the company operates. For example, due to the saturation of the market or the appearance of a more efficient competitor.
You have to implement a new strategy.
For example, when your strategy involves expanding the assortment, entering new markets and territories, etc.

Why to Engage a Consultant Specializing in Organizational Change Management?

Consultant sees your problem from outside and helps you to get rid of blinders.
Consultant will help you to manage organizational change correctly in terms of methodology and this will help:
  • to minimize personnel resistance;
  • to increase influence of top management;
  • to improve the leadership qualities of the manager, leading the process of organizational change.
  • to minimize mistakes during organizational change process;
  • to reduce potential risks;
  • to ensure bringing it to the end (the percentage of uncompleted changes according to McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail).

Meet Our Leading Expert

Artem Albul
Artem Albul, Director of TWA Consulting
  • Professionally engaged in organizational change management since 2011
  • Organizational change management degree work with honors in Moscow Business School in 2014


Consultation fee depends on:
  • the size of your business;
  • the amount and complexity of the changes that you plan to make;
  • the caliber of the problem you would like to be solved.
Send us a confidential inquiry, we will discuss with you further details and will send you our price offer.