Product1 Launch Is One of the Most Complicated Challenges in Business Practice.

1 Hereinafter, "product" means "product (-s) and / or service (-s)".

Product Launch is so complicated and challenging business task that up to 95% of consumer products failed.

If you are in a similar situation, what could you do to increase your chances of success? If stakes are high, it makes sense to engage an experienced expert in bringing products to the market.

What Is Product Launch Consulting?

Product Launch Consulting is an individual or group consultation in the form of video-calls and/or personal meetings.

For Whom?

Start-ups, Small & middle business,
Large companies and multinational corporations

Owners and Entrepreneurs,
Professionals getting their first years of experience,
Experts wishing to broaden their excellence horizons

Startups at Risk

A product launch is especially complicated business challenge for startups, because quite often startup teams have no experience in launching products and do it for the first time.

And if they make a mistake, they do not have enough resources for a second chance. This is one of the main reasons for such a high level of bankruptcies of startups — nine out of ten companies leave the race in the first year of their work.

When Do You Need a Product Launch Consulting?

Definitely you need the Product Launch Consulting, if:
  • You are going to release a new product to your national or international market, but you (your team) have never done this before.
  • You have already brought products to your national or international market, but you are not satisfied with the results.

What Are the Main Deliverables of Your Product Launch Consulting?

The World's Best Practices Implementation
Familiarize and implement the world’s best product management practices
Product Strategy Development
This may include product line formation, setting up sales targets, developing strategic and operational plans, marketing plan, distribution policy, price policy, etc.
Product Market Research Recommendations
E.g. how to conduct market analysis, to make customer segmentation, to carry out search and evaluation of market niches, etc.
Efficiency Metrics Fine Tuning
Develop or refine efficiency metrics (KPIs)
Business Growth Acceleration
For example, by conducting sales and marketing audit
Stimulate development and drive innovations
For instance, by carrying out sales/negotiations techniques training, people management skills development training and executive coaching for top managers

What Is the Key Value of Your Product Launch Consulting?

As you can see from the list of main deliverables, our product launch consultation includes many interrelated components such as product management, people management, marketing and sales.

To become an expert in all these fields you need years of practice and study, mountains of books and months of trainings. But you need this knowledge and experience here and now, correct?

That’s why our key value is that you can engage a pro with extensive experience in these areas right here and right now! His expertise will tangibly strengthen your team on a long, complicated and perilous path called "Product Launch".

Meet Our Leading Expert

Artem Albul
Artem Albul, Director of TWA Consulting
  • Over 18 years of experience in marketing and sales
  • Outstanding results achieved with more than 13 different products and services in 8 industries
  • International business development experience in India, China and over 20 EEMEA countries
  • Successfully managed products of more than 30 world's leading brands
  • 9+ years of people management
  • 4+ years of remote international multicultural team management (25+ product managers and marketing managers)
  • MBA, BA in Marketing and NIMA B


The consultation fee consists of four parts:
One-Time Fee

Depends on the size of the target territory population: 500 EUR per every million people.

Hourly Fee

Depends on the number of hours the expert works: 250 EUR per hour.


Surcharges are possible depending on the particular situation. For example, the overhead costs associated with the possible business trips of the expert.

Discounts on One-Time Fee
  1. For volume (3% - if target territory is above 100 million people population; 6% - if target territory is above 500 million people population);
  2. On your next order – 3%.

Remark: Please note that some products and services are subject to increase or decrease of our one-time fee. Also some types of goods and services, as well as companies and markets are not served. Find out the details during the order discussion.

What's Next?

If you would like to order the product launch consulting, please fill in our contact form. Specify details of your product launch: industry, target countries, expected launch date and other important details.

After preliminary discussion by e-mail we will sign a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Service Agreement;

After payment, you will have a video conference (or personal meeting) with our expert. During the video sessions (meetings) you will be able to explain your business situation in details and get product launch consultation according to your specific inputs and details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it mean that you will take care of our product launch by yourself, so we can focus on some other tasks?
No. Product launch consulting means that our expert will consult your team, so your team will develop and implement all the necessary documents, plans, procedures, targets and tasks for your product launch. Our expert will guide your team through the entire process of preparing the product launch, point out problem areas in your strategy, help you find solutions and share the best industry practices. At the same time, your team must proactively participate in the process, take all the responsibility and accountability. Since it is your team, in the end, responsible for the successful launch of your product or service. And it is your team (company) will gain all the profit (or losses) from the product launch.
Do you guarantee 100% success of our product launch if we follow your advice?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such a technology or methodology which would guarantee 100% success. The best and most effective that the mankind has come up with in the modern period of evolution is the study of the previous experience, an implementation of modern methods of work and an engagement of the best experts. This will definitely increase your chances of success, but, unfortunately, will not give a 100% guarantee of success.